The Dog and the Cat (a.k.a. the Disaster)

My friend called me up the other day to tell me something that happened to her.  She told me that this is a really tragic story, and I was expecting to hear really bad news.  She said that she was dog sitting for her neighbor who was on vacation.

Her cat, Fluffy, was adopted from a shelter, so she was pretty used to having dogs around her.  She could sit for hours grooming herself, sleeping in the sun and enjoying life.  When the dog was dropped off, she didn’t even bat an eye.  My friend was optimistic about them getting along.  It was only for two weeks, plus, my friend had always wanted a dog, so this would be a good time for a trial run.

The dog and cat seemed to get along for the first week without any big problems.  Anytime the dog would come around, the cat would just get up and slowly slink away.  After a week, my friend was pretty confident that they were going to get along okay.  But then there was a thunderstorm.  The dog went absolutely crazy, afraid of the thunder and wind.  The dog paced around the living room, not able to sit still for one minute.

During a particularly intense part of the storm, the dog finally lost all of its marbles and attacked the cat.  The cat dashed out of the living room, and jumped on top of the hutch holding the china.  The dog wouldn’t give up, and slammed his body against hutch, knocking over a lot of the china that was on display.  She said she wanted to cry and kill the dog when she saw her Lenox china urban night pattern tumbling over and breaking when it hit the floor.  She’d been collecting it piece by piece for about two years now.  By this time, she had about four place settings, so she could start bringing it out for dinners.

My friend definitely thought that this was a tragedy, and she has decided that she doesn’t want a dog.  Don’t worry, she didn’t kill the dog; she just made sure of that it wasn’t alone in the same room as the cat again.