How to Choose the Right China Pattern for You

It may seem silly to spend a lot of time considering china patterns, especially if this is the first time you’ve ever purchased or registered for china. Truth be told, though, china is something that you will keep and use for years and years. In fact, if you take good care of it, you may end up passing it down to the next generation of your family. That’s why it is so important to make sure you choose a set of china with a pattern you will truly love for a good long while. In addition to finding the perfect pattern, you’ll also want to make sure that you get high quality china that will be able to stand the test of time. Since Lenox china is a storied, beloved brand that also happens to offer a huge variety of patterns, it’s a perfect place for you to start your search.

It’s important that, before you do too much looking around, you settle on what you want most out of your china. There are a lot of questions that you should ask yourself. First and foremost, how often are you going to use the china? Will it only be used for special occasions, or do you intend to use it every night? If you’re aiming for special occasions, then you want fine china. If you’re looking to use it at dinner every evening, you’re better off perusing Lenox’s collection of casual dinnerware. Once you’ve decided whether you want casual or fine china, you need to consider a number of factors to pick an actual pattern.

Lenox's Floral Fusion is a great casual dinnerware pattern.

Lenox's Floral Fusion is a great casual dinnerware pattern.

There’s a lot to mull over regarding patterns. Are you the sole owner of this china, or do you have a spouse (or soon to be spouse!) that you’ll be sharing it with? Let’s say you’re registering for your wedding. You shouldn’t just pick out a pattern that you like—you’ll need to discuss pattern options with your partner to make sure that neither of you will get sick of the china you end up with. If your mate doesn’t care, then great! You have free reign to pick what you want, but you still might want to avoid something like bright pink roses if you know your fiancé can’t stand floral stuff. Once you’ve figured out what you definitely don’t want in a pattern, you should consider the rest of your décor. Will you be using the china in an eat-in kitchen or your dining room? What color or colors will these rooms be painted? What style have you decorated the space in? If your dining room is painted tan and brown and has a country cottage look about it, mod black and white polka-dotted china will look incredibly wrong.

Another really important factor to consider is just how long you want to be using this china. If you’re looking to get a set of fine china that you can use for decades and then hand down to your kids, it would be wise to avoid anything too trendy. Stick to the classic and more basic patterns. Lenox has been around for over one hundred years, and they have quite a few patterns that can stand the test of time. What if keeping your china around for ages isn’t your main concern? Feel free to seek out a more trendy or intricate pattern. You may find that something bold and colorful fits you to a tee, even if you might not be able to will it away to someone someday. You may even decide to get two sets of china—a classic fine china set to use on special occasions for years to come, and a funkier, trendy casual dining set to use for everyday right now.

The gold-banded Autumn pattern from Lenox is sure to stand the test of time.

Ultimately, if you establish your needs and wants up front, you’ll have a great time picking out the perfect Lenox china pattern. Just stick to the guidelines you set for yourself, and take the time to enjoy the process of deciding. There are so many options to choose from, but having a good idea of what works for you will make the experience pleasurable, not overwhelming.